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Students are encouraged to follow their Student Account in Banner Self-Service to see the disbursement of funds, as well as, the amount of credit they may have before they contact the school. Excess loan refunds will be processed within 14 days of the date federal aid was posted to the student’s account. To check your current account balance, login to Banner Self-Service in the connectCUNE portal ( Go to the Banner Self-Service and click on folders > Student> Student Account> Account Detail by Term.

Students are strongly encouraged to set up Direct Deposit for the refund of excess loan money. Set up can be done through Banner Self-Service --> Student --> Edit Direct Deposit Allocation in the connectCUNE portal. If you have already set up Direct Deposit, please visit Banner Self-Service to verify that the banking information is current.


If you cannot access the portal, please see the Help Desk Support site at

Last updated: 2018-08-07 03:06 PM 1901-1461726
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