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Tuition charges are assessed approximately three weeks prior to the start of the term. To view your current balance, login to the connectCUNE portal and navigate to Banner Self- Service.  Within Banner Self-Service go to Student--> Student Account --> Account Detail for Term.  



After selecting the appropriate term, you will be able to view charges and any anticipated aid.  If you have set up a monthly payment plan, please allow 3-5 working days to see the plan amount as a Memo and reflected in the balance due. Click on the Pay Now button to make a payment.

If you cannot access the portal, please contact the Help Desk Support site at

If you are not currently enrolled, you should have been provided with the tuition rate applicable to your program of student.  Multiply the number of credit hours to be taken over the course of the academic year (two 8-week modules) to determine anticipated tuition charges.  Contact your enrollment representative for tuition rate information.

Please note:  Only tuition will be charged (no other fees)

A loan estimator worksheet is available on the portal ( in the Student Financial Services channel to help estimate the amount of loan you may need to finance your education.


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